TERMS and CONDITIONS for Use of Bobcat Company’s Innovation Management Platform

While Bobcat Company (the "Company") is open to considering ideas from third parties that might improve its products and/or add profitable new products, it has found certain precautions necessary in accepting submissions of ideas from people outside of the company for a variety of reasons. For example, the Company’s employees have varied and numerous ideas of their own, worked out in the past, or now being worked out, for the purpose of improving or adding to its many lines of machines, implements, and accessories. Some of these ideas might very well be similar to ideas that are subsequently submitted by third parties in this forum. Hence, in order to avoid any possible future confusion between your ideas and our own, and to prevent any misunderstanding as to what the rights and obligations of those who submit ideas and the Company are, the Company's policies as to considering submissions are set forth below:

1. If you wish to protect your idea, you should file a patent application at the appropriate time. You are responsible for understanding and conforming to patent laws related to the timing of patent applications in the various countries in which you would want to obtain protection. The Company will not provide any protection for your ideas beyond what you can obtain through the U.S. patent system or in the patent system of any other countries.

2. If you submit an idea in this forum, you understand and agree to disclose your idea with no expectation that the Company will hold your disclosure in confidence.

3. Any information supplied to this forum is in electronic form and cannot be returned.

4. The Company assumes no obligation to act on any submission that you make.

For questions about these Terms of Use, please contact the Innovation Administrator at: innosupport@doosan.com

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